Thursday, April 28, 2011


I know that it's all the rage for a writer to do his own alphabet these days. But I started this idea about a year ago in an old black book. Honest. Another rough draft.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pit stop

Passed through Buenos Aires again the other day. I managed to paint this on a main road with some roller paint and scraps.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sao Paulo - Brazil

Spent last week in Sao Paulo. Really cool city. I didn't realize how much Os Gemeos and Finok were up. They have crushed the place. Billboards and any type of public advertising have been made illegal across the whole city, which made all the graff stand out a lot more. It was great to see a city without ads. So rare.
I didn't manage to hook up with any writers that did pieces, but I was taken out bombing with a guy that does Pixação. I spent a couple of days crusing around on my own with a bucket of buff and a few cans doing quick roller pieces. Only a few I like are on here. The city is pretty easy to find spots.
A lot of writers in Sao Paulo have there colour combo that they stick to make them stand out more. My lack of paint made me stick to the white fills with black and red outlines. When in Rome...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rio flicks

Hooked up with SWK and paintes a wall. This guy is really up in Rio

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rio De Janeiro Favelas

I spent a bit over a week in Rio. I managed to meet up with Makatron from the Everfresh crew and get a few pieces done. On one of the days we decided to wander into one of Rio´s notorious Favelas. It was pretty nerve racking because a couple of white boys from Melbourne really stand out in there. I thought we were mug bait. but luckly Makatron can speak a bit of Portuguese and we scorred a tour of the place by a local. We went up into a bunch of buildings and saw lots of cool stuff. After the tour we got talking to a bunch of drug dealers hanging out the front of their place. They were pretty scarry but nice enough to let us paint the front of their building. So we scorred some roller paint and cans from a little hardware store in there. We knocked them out pretty fast and moved on.

Afterwards we painted a guys Acai store and scorred free lunch.

We then found another good wall and one of the locals leant us his ladder. We used the last of our paint and hit Copacabana beach.
A few says later I managed to stay 2 nights in another favela across town. It was a real experience getting to hang out with the locals.