Friday, May 27, 2011

Santiago good times

After a big night out in Santiago and about 4 hours sleep I went to meet up with Hesoe again. I was really hungover and still a bit drunk, but I somehow made it on time. We were walking down a street and Hesoe just picked a wall and we stated painting. He told me that it was a really busy bus route during the week and a lot of people will see our pieces. Beats painting some shitty legal wall.

After that we walked past a Burger King and I really wanted some greasy food to help my hangover. Hesoe said that we'll go there soon, but first he wanted to check out another spot. Before I knew it we were doing another quick piece on a really busy road.

We then had lunch and met up with a few of Hesoe's friends and all piled into one of their cars. suddenly we mounted the curb on a busy road and everyone gets out and starts doing throwups on a big white wall.

We all pile back in the car and take off. After driving around for a bit we pull over in a side street. It didn't really look like there was anywhere to paint around there but I got out and followed the guys. They started marching down a busy highway into a tunnel in the centre of the city. We all chose spots and started painting.

We got out of there pretty fast and went looking for another spot. We found these billboards that were at street level and got to work.

After that we called it a day. Thanks to all the guys for showing me a good time. A special mention to Adeps for crushing Santiago. We drove past about 70 pieces by the crew during the day. They are up!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Santiago, Chile

I've been knocking around Santiago with Hesoe the last couple of days. The city is pretty bombed with a lot of good styles. It's interesting times in the city with a lot of rioting going on. Stay tuned for part 2.

Monday, May 16, 2011

'Bite It' magazine

The first issue of Bite It! magazine has gone to print and will be in a store near you very soon. Watch out for 96 pages of pure freshness straight out of Denmark.

Featuring the Flies crew, PT crew, Great, Carn & Tower, Petro and much more good stuff.

Buenos Aires again