Tuesday, November 29, 2011

San Agustin - Colombia

We made our way to the small town of San Agustin in the mountains south of Colombia. The main attraction to this place is the tombs found in the mountains that date back to 1700 BC. While we were there we managed to do the first pieces ever to be done in the town. The paint was pretty expensive and really bad quality but we managed to get it done and draw a crowd in the process.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bogota, Colombia part 2

Stope took Method and I to a different area of Bogota to paint a wall. Unfortunately we only had an hour but we managed to get it done. In the cab back we went through a really seedy part of Bogota. It was filled with hookers, pimps, drug dealers and a lot of homeless people sleeping on the street. We saw a lot of Stope throwups around there (like the rest of Bogota) and I asked him if it was a dangerous place to paint. He replied "This place is pretty chill. The real dangerous part was where we were just painting." I'm glad he told me that after we left.

Colombia is a lot better than it was 20 years ago but it still has it's fair share of problems. There has recently been a lot of student protests across the country because of changes withing the universities. The Colombians take their protesting pretty seriously. A lot of the buildings across the city have been paint bombed and there is political graffiti everywhere. But it seems to have worked for them because they are not changing anything within the unis now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bogota, Colombia

I've been in Bogota for the last few days. It's an awesome city, one of my favorites in South America. Unfortunately the weather has a bit to be desired but Bogota is a graffiti playground. The first night I got here Method and I caught up with Zombie and a few of the Kavs guys to watch the football and to go out bombing. No one in the city seemed to care about what we were doing. Back home we would have been tackled to the ground by a super citizen.

The next day we went to El Bronx (one of the dogyest neighborhoods in Bogota) to paint a wall. We got a lot of warnings to watch out for trouble but we managed to come out unscathed apart from a 10 year old kid trying to mug Method.

This is what can happen when you don't hand over your stuff when being mugged in Colombia.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Colombian good times

I've been cruising around Colombia with Method and we wound up in a little town called Solento. We found an awesome old mans pool hall that became our local. It has urinals next to the pool tables, the drinks are really cheap and it is impossible to get kicked out for being too drunk. Some of the locals were on the floor when we got there and 5 hours later they were still ordering drinks and falling all over the place. One guy was even throwing up in the urinal.

While we were there we caught the final of the Colombian X-Factor. This guy won.

We finally left there and got lured into another bar by some locals. One of the Colombian guys there stole my bag just before we left. Another guy we were drinking with told us that he knows where he lives but he is dangerous and we shouldn't go there. So we went across the road to the police station and and told them what happened. The corrupt bastards weren't going to do anything so my girlfriend stepped up and said "we were going in there anyway and if something happens to us you'll have gringo blood on your hands". The cops said ok and grabbed their machine guns and we all went around to this guys house. It was classic. Method and I were raiding this guys house with armed cops dressed like commandos at 2am with beers in our hands. I bullshitted the cops and told them that my passport was in the bag. I found all my stuff but the cops tore the bloke's place up looking for my passport. The house was full of stolen phones and all sorts of stuff. The Colombian guy got locked up and we carried on drinking.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Medellin, Colombia

I've been in Colombia for the last few weeks cruising around the south. It's a great country that has had and still has lot of problems. I have been in Medellin for the last week. It was the home of Pablo Escobar and the murder capital of Colombia. The city is filled with gangsters and corrupt cops and there are about 5 murders a day committed. I caught up with my old mate Method who happened to also be passing through Colombia and we set off for a days painting.

The first spot was a quick street piece on a busy road. We painted pretty fast and the cops showed up just as we were taking the flicks. I'm not sure what would have happened if they got us because we had next to no money on us to pay them off.

The day before we caught the metro and did some sight seeing. While on the train we went past a massive slum that went for about 8 stations and climbed up a big hill. I noticed a section where a few houses had been swept into the river that ran between the metro and the slum. I thought we'd try our luck in the slum and paint a couple of the walls. There are no pieces along the metro so whatever we paint will really stand out.

All the people we met in the slum were really nice. A few of them asked us what we were doing and when we replied "we're painting our names really big so all the people on the metro could see them" they thought we were crazy. The next day I spoke to a local and told her what we did and she told us that we were really lucky that something didn't happen to us. The place is run by drug bosses and the people who live there need to ask for permission to have a friend visit them. Otherwise their friend risks the chance of being shot.

These are a few of Pablo Escobar's planes he used to use to smuggle coke to the USA.