Saturday, February 25, 2012

El Salvador

Unfortunately in order to get to El Salvador from Nicaragua we had to spend a night in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. At the moment it has the highest murder rate in the world. During the day it seemed ok but once the sun went down all the freaks came out and it turned into a scary place. Being a white boy from Australia it's pretty hard to blend in and I found myself being hassled for money by crackheads, glue sniffers and homeless people every 50 meters.

The next day we went straight to El Tunco, a little surfing town outside of San Salvador in El Salvador. It has been sun and surf for the last week. I even managed to sneak in a quick piece on the main highway.

A bus driver waiting till it's time to leave. They string up hammocks everywhere over here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Leon, Nicaragua

I arrived in Leon the other day. This place is bloody hot. Around 37c every day. It's a beautiful old colonial city with a lot of run down buildings and a lot of hand painted signage. And like everywhere else in Nicaragua it's surrounded by volcanoes.

While still lugging around my bucket of blue paint and I stumbled across an old warehouse filled with a bunch of homeless guys sleeping in the shade. I did a couple of quick pieces in there late in the afternoon and then started painting the outside of the building where a bunch of people were playing baseball in the street. Instantly a bunch of kids started hassling me and asking me a million questions. I painted a really quick piece then couple of the kids were getting me to write something above my piece. Just as I finished writing it a coupe of people across the street started yelling at me and a cop was approaching. The kids started to panic and told me to cross out what I'd just written. I don't know what it said but I realised that some of my paint had been stolen and the cop was still approaching so I got out of there.

One of the kids already milked a bit out of an empty can on my piece.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I've been in Nicaragua for the last few weeks. I didn't have any expectations for the place but so far it's been awesome. Some of the nicest beaches I've see along with volcanoes every 30km.

While I was in the city of Granada I wandered with a bucket of paint into a poorer part of town called El Enredo. It is filled with old colonial houses with people that have no money to maintain their upkeep. It's a great place to cruise around taking photos and most of the locals are really nice.

I started talking to this guy Gorge (pronounced Horhe) and told him that I'm looking for a wall to paint. He started banging on his neighbors door telling them that I was going to paint their wall. Then ran into his house and grabbed his machete and started cutting down all the small trees for me. His wife came out with a bucket for me to use as a roller tray and I went and got us all some beers for their effort. Everyone over here spends most of their time sitting out the front of their houses. I actually spent more time talking with the locals than painting. The guys in the pic were trying to get me to paint a massive weed leaf next to a Barcelona Football Club logo. Instead I used up my scraps doing a really quick piece for the locals.

This kid was the worst window washer ever. He can't even reach the window.